Advice on Fire Damage Restoration

Tips on Fire Restoration

Experiencing your house would be anyone’s worst nightmare.  The only difference, in reality, is you do not wake up to see that everything is okay. What you will see is the unlivable and sorry condition of whatever is left of your house and your belongings.  You will have to take steps to restore your home to its former condition, but this is not something you or your family can do on your own.  You will have to hire the services of a professional fire and water damage restoration company to preclude further damage to your own person, your family as well as your home. So, to give you a  general idea of what goes on during fire restoration, below are some fire restoration tips for your reference.

Do Not Attempt to Enter Your Home Right After A Fire

No matter how anxious you are to find out how much damage was fire cost you or what was left of your home, you should never attempt to enter your house immediately.  Bear in mind that you do not know what parts of the house are still okay to touch or step on and one wrong move can cause the structure to totally collapse and you with it.  The same thing can happen to the ceiling and other hanging structures.  Then there is also the danger of electrocution from open electrical wires or inhalation of toxic emissions from the smoke. You should ask a professional (electrician, fireman, and police) to have a look of the premises first before entering it.

Make Way For Extra Ventilation

As soon as the building has been declared safe by a professional, open all the windows for better air circulation.  Industrial fans could greatly help in drying the surface and the soaked items.  So if the electrical has been declared okay for use, use them.  This will prevent mold and mildew from developing as this can give you additional problems.

Use Proper Protective Gear

Never go inside your burned home wearing your casual clothes.  Wearing protective gear such as gloves, boots, goggles, face-mask and sturdy clothes are in order.  This will protect your hands and feet in case you touch or step on sharp broken objects and your lungs and eyes from toxic emissions.

Get The Services Of A Professional Fire and Water Damage Restoration Service

Nobody can do the job of fire restoration better than a professional restoration company.  They have the skills and the equipment to clean and repair the area most efficiently and expeditiously. You might be able to claim for all the expenses of restoring your home depending upon the type of home insurance coverage that you have.  Generally, home insurance policies include fire and water damage coverage.

Don’t be Foolish

No matter how tempted you are to do the home restoration work on your own because of economic consideration or for whatever reason, you should re-evaluate that decision. Remember that in all probability, this is the first time (and hopefully the last) that this will ever happen to you. In short, you will not have the slightest idea of how to go about tackling this very challenging job.  Do not expose yourself and your property to further damage. It will be best to get the services of a professional and experienced restoration company to do the job.