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Today’s Modern Roofing Materials

A Good Roof Goes Unnoticed

Average Houston homeowners don’t generally give their roofs much thought unless there are problems, like storm damage or leaking; however, a sound, attractive roof is essential to the value of any property. A roof in good repair keeps out water and protects our belongings, and roofing also adds to the aesthetic appeal of a house or building.

There’s a Broad Range of Roofing Materials

Today’s market offers more roofing material selections than ever. Traditional standard three-tab asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors, textures, and shapes. Wood shingles and shakes and clay tiles provide a unique or regional look in the United States. The newest products, a rubber product that looks like slate, and
metal roofing, offer high-tech engineering with energy-saving benefits.


Fireproof Roofing

Some of the newer options for roofing materials offer to fireproof and increase longevity, but
the standard three-tab asphalt shingle still covers the vast majority of American homes because it is one of the least expensive most easily installed alternatives. Shingles come in several colors and generally have a guarantee between 20-30 years unless damaged by severe weather.

Metal Roofing

Architectural Shingles

For the homeowner who wants a little more bang for his or her buck thicker shingles called architectural shingles can give an added dimension or geometric pattern. They last about thirty years.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are perennial favorites for those ready to spend a little more. Over time some varieties of wood weather to a grey, or soft silver finish that compliments a rural or rustic landscape. Red, yellow, and white cedar, are excellent choices. These smooth-surfaced shingles are cut to a uniform thickness but vary in width. Since wood shakes are split rather than sawed, they are thicker and rougher than shingles. It is vital to lay wood roofing over a substrate that allows air to circulate. The sheathing required for other types of roofs is counterproductive. Although very attractive, wood shakes and shingles require a more significant initial investment and higher cost maintenance. Mildew, mold, and moss must be removed and the roofing material oiled with a clear wood finishing product. With proper maintenance, a correctly installed wood roof could and should potentially last 30 to 50 years. New fire codes in some localities now require roofing materials to be fireproof, so very convincing fakes are being produced. In addition to being fireproof, these alternatives require little or no maintenance.

Type of Roof Determines Available Roofing Options

When it’s time to install a new roof on your house, and with it, the question of which of the many roofing options you want to use, most of the decision will be made by the pitch of your roof. The rest will be based on the condition of the roof as well as how much your budget can afford. Another value in the equation is how long you expect a new roof to last and the potential to increase or decrease the resale value of the house …

Restoration of Water-Damaged Property

Flooding and Water Damage Are a Regular Occurrence

Suffering damage from a disaster such as fire or flood, no matter how traumatic is not the end of the world.  After things have settled down a bit, we can start the restoration process of our water-damaged house and possessions. Floods are one of the major disasters that the United States suffer year after year. Thus, it is a significant possibility that any homeowner will experience flood damage and/or water damage at one point of his/her life. It’s just logical you’ll want to know what to do when disaster strikes so you’ll be able to come out of it in one piece and with less damaged.  Most importantly you’ll want to be able to restore whatever is left of your property as quickly as possible.

Water Damage is No DIY Job

Despite enough knowledge about the causes and effects of flood damage, it will be quite hard for any individual to complete
water damage repair on their own. The most sensible and expeditious way to get the job done is to acquire the services of a professional water damage restoration service? They have the expertise, the equipment, and the experience to provide solutions to all types of damages about by excess water.

Water Can Do Significant DamageHelen

The damage water can do to your home and property can be extensive and so encompassing. Water can seep through almost of all types of materials such as fabric, wood, even concrete structures. This process can significantly affect the composition and quality of everything, cause weakening or deformation, at worst disintegration.  It is essential that the restoration process begins as out as soon as possible. Standing water and dampness can encourage mold and mildew growth which will become another significant predicament if left unchecked. All these problems can be professionally dealt with by your local professional water damage restoration service.

There’s a Process to the Restoration

Professional water damage restoration contractors follow standardized procedures for surveying the damaged premises and properties, and all through the restoration process. The first thing they inspect is the structural integrity of the house to ensure their safety and the safety of the homeowners when they return. They will examine the walls, floors, the beams holding up the roof to make sure they have not been considerably damaged or weakened. If the drywall is wet and damaged, it will not pose a high risk to the safety of the home unlike if it were the foundation, the beams or the studs that are damaged.

Stop the Flow of Water

After the inspection of the structure and the condition of the other parts of the house, the next thing that they will do is to find the source of excess water. As soon as the cause is identified and repaired, they will have to remove materials floating on top and those underneath the water and suck the water out of the premises and open all the windows for better ventilation. …

Dealing With the Soot Caused By a Fire

The Fundamentals of Soot Damage Restoration

Fire residues such as smoke odor and soot are very difficult to take care of. Soot is a by-product of smoke which is the oil that is expelled into the air when a non-natural material is burned. Nowadays, new home construction uses non-natural materials. So, when there’s a fire you can expect to see a lot of soot. Soot is a menace to the home and its content because it can become entrenched into the materials of the items affected. You have to deal with this as soon as possible after a fire so it will not further permeate into the fabric and the materials of your furniture and fixtures. By and large, only a professional restoration company can effectively deal with soot damage because it takes specific know how to deal with this type of restoration and because they have the industrial strength equipment and cleaning agents that are needed to do the job efficiently.


The Best Way to Deal with Soot Damage is by Hiring A Professional Restoration Company

Where there is fire, there will be smoke, and smoke remediation is one of the significant aspects of
fire damage restoration that a homeowner has to deal with after a fire. Despite the cost, the homeowner should seriously consider hiring the services of a professional restoration company to do this task for a lot of reasons. First, there is the time element. The contractor will be able to multiple jobs simultaneously such as clean up, repair, and restoration of fire, smoke and soot damage. Secondly, they have the expertise to do the job. They have the right equipment to safely and efficiently address all aspects of the soot damage restoration process.
Taking on the cleaning and repair of soot-damaged surfaces personally can pose a significant challenge.

Soot Damage

Here are some guidelines that may help.

• Get a dry chemical sponge from your the local hardware shop.
• Wipe off the soot from surface ever so gently so as not to scatter it and affect more areas
• When the sponge is fully saturated with soot, cut off the saturated layer using a sharp blade
• Repeat the process until you have covered the entire surface

However, this will work effectively in small areas only, such as small pieces of furniture. When large-scale soot damage is involved, such as the entire span of walls or ceilings, it will be better to get the services of a professional who can do the job more effectively and much faster.

Clothes Affected by Soot Damage

Clothes damaged by soot have to be taken to a special cleaning shop. The customary laundry shop will not be able to effectively clean the clothes. If only a tiny part of the clothing material was affected, you could use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to clean it. Take care not to touch the soot with the nozzle so as not to push the soot deeper into the material.

Large Scale Smoke and

Advice on Fire Damage Restoration

Tips on Fire Restoration

Experiencing your house would be anyone’s worst nightmare.  The only difference, in reality, is you do not wake up to see that everything is okay. What you will see is the unlivable and sorry condition of whatever is left of your house and your belongings.  You will have to take steps to restore your home to its former condition, but this is not something you or your family can do on your own.  You will have to hire the services of a professional fire and water damage restoration company to preclude further damage to your own person, your family as well as your home. So, to give you a  general idea of what goes on during fire restoration, below are some fire restoration tips for your reference.

Do Not Attempt to Enter Your Home Right After A Fire

No matter how anxious you are to find out how much damage was fire cost you or what was left of your home, you should never attempt to enter your house immediately.  Bear in mind that you do not know what parts of the house are still okay to touch or step on and one wrong move can cause the structure to totally collapse and you with it.  The same thing can happen to the ceiling and other hanging structures.  Then there is also the danger of electrocution from open electrical wires or inhalation of toxic emissions from the smoke. You should ask a professional (electrician, fireman, and police) to have a look of the premises first before entering it.

Make Way For Extra Ventilation

As soon as the building has been declared safe by a professional, open all the windows for better air circulation.  Industrial fans could greatly help in drying the surface and the soaked items.  So if the electrical has been declared okay for use, use them.  This will prevent mold and mildew from developing as this can give you additional problems.

Use Proper Protective Gear

Never go inside your burned home wearing your casual clothes.  Wearing protective gear such as gloves, boots, goggles, face-mask and sturdy clothes are in order.  This will protect your hands and feet in case you touch or step on sharp broken objects and your lungs and eyes from toxic emissions.

Get The Services Of A Professional Fire and Water Damage Restoration Service

Nobody can do the job of fire restoration better than a professional restoration company.  They have the skills and the equipment to clean and repair the area most efficiently and expeditiously. You might be able to claim for all the expenses of restoring your home depending upon the type of home insurance coverage that you have.  Generally, home insurance policies include fire and water damage coverage.

Don’t be Foolish

No matter how tempted you are to do the home restoration work on your own because of economic consideration or for whatever reason, you should re-evaluate that decision. Remember that in all probability, this is the first time …